Resistance Exercise Training Bands 9 Pcs /set

  • $21.95

Great for strength training.

Allows you to tone and sculpt every muscle group.

Both for men and women.

Color can be customized.


Full 9 Pcs sets includes: blue ( 20 pounds ), red ( 15 pounds ), yellow ( 10 pounds ) three resistance bands; two handles; two ankle straps; a door anchor; a storage bag.


Features: tension force 45LBS, can be freely combined for ladies fitness use.



1 x Blue band ( 20 pounds )

1 x Red band (15 pounds )

1 x Yellow band ( 10 pounds )

2 x Handles

2 x Ankle straps

1 x Door anchor

1 x Storage bag


    Fitness stretch band strength training 9pcs set contain 9 most popular selling strength training equipments. Stretch band, resistance bands, cord fastener, fitness combination and so on. With the 9 sets of strength training equipments, you no longer need to go to an expensive health club, but bring the fitness back home. With the combinational use of this nine sets, you can completely solve various issues of our body parts due to the lack of exercise and make our body more vigorous and graceful.

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